"Professor G & Blake": Created by local Reno/Sparks artist and indie comic creator Cameron Ferguson, this series draws inspiration from the real-life odd couple, Professor Jonathan Greenberg and Blake Robertson.

 "Professor G & Blake" follows the gripping adventures of two extraordinary men. One is a professor of Applied Sciences at Reno University of Nevada (R.U.N.), driven by the pursuit of truth. The other is a distributor of fine cigars and whiskey, seeking tangible evidence of the paranormal. Together, they navigate encounters with aliens, trans-dimensional beings, and even unearth profound revelations about the nature of the universe and their own identities. 

With stunning artwork and an enthralling narrative, "Professor G & Blake" pushes the boundaries of imagination, challenging readers to explore the depths of the unknown. Cameron Ferguson's visionary creation captures the essence of friendship, curiosity, and the unyielding quest for answers. 

Prepare to be captivated by "Professor G & Blake" as it blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural. Embark on an extraordinary journey with "Professor G & Blake," the captivating comic book series that unveils the astonishing connections between minotaurs, aliens, zombies, and otherworldly entities. 

Stay tuned for future installments that will expand this extraordinary universe.

In Issue 1: "The Ring," (released on 4/14/2021), our unlikely heroes cross paths at a supernatural hotspot. Initially at odds, they soon realize they've stumbled upon more than they bargained for. 

Issue 2: "The Thing," (released on 11/11/21), Professor G and Blake are joined by Nic and Nick (or is it Nick and Nic?). Together, they confront an otherworldly threat that pushes the boundaries of their understanding.

Issue 3: "The King," (released on 6/11/22), delves into the professor's struggle to control his newfound power, while Blake harnesses his MMA training in a super-soldier fashion. As Nic provides assistance and Nick flexes his ethereal abilities, the team faces exhilarating challenges.

Concluding the first series, Issue 4: "The Sting," (released on 11/11/2022), combines the previous three issues with a thrilling final chapter. Trapped in inter-dimensional space, our heroes and their friends confront their ultimate destiny.

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