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Appearances List


7/13-7/14 - TBA

9/23-9/24 - TBA


2/28 - Inside the Booth - ReView Geek Show - Hosted by Dan "theLaw" Arena. featuring Josh "The Maker, Tony "Docking Bay 327", Richard "Rogue Two", Dennis "Black Market Outpost" and ME!  

7/08 - Silverage Comic-Con  - My first Comic-Con!

8/18 - 8/19 - Elko Pop Con - Artist Alley and Panelist!


1/10 - FabWorks Live - First time Sketching on a Live-Stream!!! 

3/14 - FabWorks Live - First time Sketchy and Professor G on a Live Stream!!!

7/18 - FabWorks Live  - FabWorks Makers Challenge Makers project review

10/17 - FabWorks Live - Halloween Special with Sisters Wolf leading stars Carissa Thompson, Barbie Morin and special guest and professional animator  Seth Hippen 

I was at the Elko Pop Con on August 18 & 19 with my ICU friends and PROFESSOR G! We served on a panel discussing indie comics and got to hang out with some awesome people!

Dwayne Cameron (Power Rangers), Evil Tedd, Daniel Logan (Star Wars), and many others!

I was at the Silver Age Comic Con July 8, 2023 in the RENO-SPARKS Convention Center with the Independant Creator Underlords! The under lords of ICU  got to spend the day talking to fans about current and upcoming projects! We also gave away prizes in an hourly raffle! Thank you all for coming out!

Almost Star Wars Show

August 21, 2021 - I get to hang with the guys! We talk about sketchy stuff on this one and get some global insight from over the pond!!! Thank you Ron "CG-Rtist", Dennis "Black Market Outpost" and of course James "Rebel Base Build"!

This is the first known interview of SGN...Prove me wrong!

Local News Coverage of Comic Book Release


Great supporters of SGN and even better friends, Aedo and Whitey from FabWorks LIVE have had me on their show a few times! Episode 2 features the first time SGN EVER draws on a YouTube show LIVE!!!!

We even get to meet Professor G on a live show on the 6th Episode!!!


ReView Geek-Show

Inter-Reviews are cool! I didn't get a chance to be asked questions by the dish-washing-Canadian-ghost-brother though soooo.....

ReView Geek Show was so fun I think Richard may have been arrested. I guess you CAN have too much fun!