WHO is THIS sketchy guy? 

Cameron Ferguson 

AKA: SketchyGuyNV

Cameron Ferguson AKA “SketchyGuyNV” has been publishing cartoons off and on since the late '80s. Poking fun at the simple things in life. In the last few years, he has stepped into the much bigger world of self-publishing comic books. He has written and illustrated four issues of "Professor G and Blake" including the complete collection graphic novel, (loosely) based on real-life Reno area personalities. Because of the success of these comics, he continues to produce new books. 

His style of art comes from years of cartooning. He has a passion for drawing people everywhere he goes. This has led him to draw cartoons and caricatures of all kinds of people from all over the world. 

He has done work for charities and groups to raise money for their causes. To support his creative side, Cameron sells prints, t-shirts, and comics but also does commission work as well (see the links below).

SketchyGuyNV Comics had the first issue released on 4/7/21. The comic book entitled "Professor G & Blake :  The Ring" is a story that introduces the two main characters after they had know each other for a while but as they start to bond as a duo.  The Professor and Blake continue their adventures in the next three books, "Professor G & Blake: The Thing", "Professor G & Blake: The King", and finally "Professor G & Blake: The Sting". The final issue is the collection of the first three with the last pages of the release included at the end. Will there be more of these guys in the future? What about the past? Cameron insists there will be some more of the characters from this series in future publications. 

In 2023 he released  "The Sisters Wolf" a story of a demon-fighting family of witches including two 9-year-old twins, a nurturing older sister, and "Byrne", a talking head from the civil war. Think of it as a cross of Supernatural and Charmed with two spunky nine-year-olds and a secret society straight out of the Vatican. (Do we need tin foil hats?)

He is also working with Jonathan Greenberg on "Space Lasers" an anthology comic book including "The Shop" and "Short Haul",  tentatively scheduled to release in late 2023. 

Cameron also can be found on YouTube on various live streams and on his own SketchyGuyNV channel.