WHO is THIS sketchy guy? 

Cameron Ferguson 

AKA: SketchyGuyNV

Cameron Ferguson is the creator behind the captivating universes of "Professor G and Blake" and "The Sisters Wolf." Cameron currently resides in northern Nevada with his wife and three children. From his early years of drawing with crayons on drafting paper, the dream of creating comics took root.

Initially unsure if his cartoon style would align with modern comic books, Cameron stayed in the single-panel comic lane. Cameron's artistic trajectory took an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with Jonathan Greenberg. Jonathan challenged him to create his first comic using cartoon-styled modern comic books as justification. Thus, "Professor G and Blake" emerged—a series that started as a playful jab, evolving from a four-page concept to an 8-page debut and eventually expanding into a captivating 64-page universe (excluding the 20 or so edited pages before printing).

Amidst the immersive world of "Professor G and Blake," another narrative began to unfold— "The Sisters Wolf" . Loosely inspired by the Fox Sisters of spiritualism fame, this story revolves around two nine-year-old witches battling demons in the early 20th century, accompanied by an older sister and an animated talking head from the Civil War.

In the 2023 release “The Sisters Wolf", he introduced a story of a demon-fighting family of witches including two 9-year-old twins, a nurturing older sister, and "Byrne", a talking head from the civil war. Think of it as a cross of Supernatural and Charmed with two spunky nine-year-olds and a secret society straight out of the Vatican. (Do we need tin foil hats?). This 50+ page release includes the variant covers featuring a “Venator” on one, “the Council” on another, and a newly created “Demon Bitch” courtesy of Christie Shinn.

Influenced by luminaries such as Bill Watterson, Skottie Young, and Mike Mignola, Cameron describes his style as cartoony and, above all, fun. Whether sketching with a regular Pentel 0.7 mechanical pencil and Tombow brush pens or digitally creating on his iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, Cameron endeavors to infuse joy into every stroke.

A recent foray into comic book exploration has led Cameron and Jonathan into the realm of anthologies. Their latest endeavor, "Space Lasers," showcases a collection of brief stories and teasers, providing a tantalizing glimpse into potential future projects. “The Shop at the End of the World” is a strip-style collection of comics about the last shop open for business during the Cthullian armageddon. The shop happens to be a comic book shop. “Short Haul” is a word-less story about an alien truck driver featuring Don Allen as “Deloo Pabet” the main character. “White Knuckles: the absolutely true, un-embellished and accurate story of Fred White” is the comic retelling of Fred White’s origin as “White Knuckles.” Also included is “Pogger” a story about a sometimes reluctant superhero. 

For Cameron, storytelling is an exploration of conflicts within, externalized in our lives. In "Professor G and Blake" and "The Sisters Wolf," the narrative confronts evil and demons directly, conveying the triumphant belief that even the most formidable adversaries can be overcome.

Looking ahead, Cameron is eager to collaborate with fellow artists on darker stories that venture outside his typical art style. Beyond the drawing board, he thrives on engaging with people at shows, soaking in the vibrant energy of events, and encouraging aspiring artists and storytellers to boldly share their creations. Feedback is embraced with gratitude, recognizing the daring and brave act of showcasing one's artistic journey to a stranger. Let the creative adventure continue!