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Our two unlikely heroes, Professor G and Blake, uncover the truth of how minotaurs, aliens, zombies, and inter-dimensional beings are inexplicably connected.

The first comic series from local Reno/Sparks artist Cameron Ferguson, Prof G & Blake was inspired by Cameron's friends, a true-life odd couple (Ass) Professor Jonathan Greenberg and Blake Robertson. 

Issue 1: The Ring 

The duo meet at a supernatural hot-spot, and don't get along at first.  

Issue 2: The Thing

Our two heroes are joined by Nic and Nick (or is it Nick and Nic?). The four face and out-of-this world threat, or two. 

Issue 3: The King

Discovering his new power the professor struggles to control it.

Issue 4: The Sting 

The final installment of the first series. This issue is a collection of the first three issues as well as the final chapter all in one issue! What becomes of our heroes and their friends after being trapped in inter-dimensional space?  

COMING in 2023!!!!

the Sisters Wolf

This is the story of two twin nine year old sisters who fight evil demons, paranormal entities, and religious threats from the vatican. They are armed with ancient magic imbued amulets, weapons and a devoted support team, made up of their older sister and "Byrne" a talking head passed down from generation to generation of demon fighters.    

Tentative Release Date: 03/04/23

The Adventures of Professor G & Blake collection 1: The Sting

The final word issue.  64 pages of adventure! This is the end of the first collection which contains all of the content from the first three issues AND the last 8 pages to tie things up. Just because this first adventure is ending the story isn't over. Keep an eye out for Professor G and Blake in future compilation releases!

Releases 11/11/2022. 

The Adventures of Professor G & Blake Issue 1: The Ring

The issue that started it all. Our two heroes begin their journey in this 8 page starter issue. Follow this odd couple as they explore the paranormal. 

Released 4/14/21. First run sold out in just two weeks. 

Second run is available in Packaged Deals only.

The Adventures of Professor G & Blake Issue 2: The Thing

Issue two...stuff is getting real! In this 16 page second issue Professor G and Blake are joined by Nick and Nic! The adventure goes higher than ever before! 

First run is sold out for individual sales.  

Now available in Packaged Deals only.

The Adventures of Professor G & Blake Issue 3: The King

The FINAL-ish issue.  32 pages of adventure just for you! Secrets are revealed to Professor G and Blake isn't gonna like it! Meanwhile one of the "Nic's" is going to require medical attention.

Released 6/11/2022. 

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