WHO ARE the 


 More importantly... why aren't you an underlord?


Nathan Johns 

AKA: Gauge the Wolf 

Founding member, Nathan Johns AKA "Gage the Wolf" is considered by family and friends to be a Bard out of time.  His greatest dream was to be a writer. He started comic book creating adventure through hosting tabletop roleplaying games. He used his imagination to create and share adventures with his group. Because of his dedication to telling rich stories he built a dedicated gaming group who still meets regularly, rain or shine, to join him and his creations. He also commissioned artwork of characters he created in order to immerse his fellow adventures into the stories. This gave him the idea to translate his years of stories into a visual form in the form of comic books.

He has written many stories, notably helping write stories and monsters for a new roleplaying book called "After 5e" and various scripts, which ultimately one of them was converted to create his first comic! 

His creation, “GodSlayers” is in print and available now in physical and digital formats. His imagination is constantly going wild creating new worlds and characters to share with everyone.


Cameron Ferguson 

AKA: SketchyGuyNV 

Founding member, Cameron Ferguson AKA “SketchyGuyNV” has been publishing cartoons off and on since the late 80s. Poking fun at the simple things in life. In the last few years, he has stepped into the much bigger world of self-publishing comic books. He has written and illustrated four issues of "Professor G and Blake" including the complete collection graphic novel, (loosely) based on real-life Reno area personalities. Because of the success of these comics, he continues to produce new books.

In 2023 he is releasing  "The Sisters Wolf" a story of a demon-fighting family of witches including two 9-year-old twins, a nurturing older sister, and "Byrne", a talking head from the civil war. Think of it as as a cross of Supernatural and Charmed with two spunky nine-year-olds and a secret society straight out of the Vatican. (Do we need tin foil hats?)

He is also working on "The Shop" and "Short Haul", two stories being co-imagined with Jonathan Greenberg (Professor G) and scheduled to release in late 2023. 


Brent Turner 

AKA: B.A.T. Man

Born and raised in the “thumb” of Michigan, Brent spent his youth working on his family’s farm and reading the Animorphs book series. After graduating high school, he attended Oakland University in Auburn Hills, a Detroit suburb. During his studies and struggle to find himself, he fell in love with not only reading poetry but also writing it, which has led to the completion of a collection of poems.

His interest in poetry led him to read a novel that has forever impacted him as a person and as a writer, that novel being Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Rand’s characterization and high level of detail made him feel as if he was truly transported into the book itself. Rand’s belief that inspiration is actually the subconscious summing-up of the premises and intentions you have set yourself really resonated with him. Especially since dreams are the manifestations of your subconscious thoughts and it was a dream that spawned the plot of his novel.

The cherry on top of that influence sundae is the inspiration Brent soaked up from Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan films which he manifests in his novel and comic series “Vigilantes’ Creed”, a grit-filled action story based around a gargoyle and a team of vigilantes. 

Brent’s goal as writer/creator is to bring amazing stories to life that are visually shocking, emotional, and relatable … stories that can impact the lives of others.


Jonathan Greenberg

AKA: ProfessorG

Born in an orphanage in maui, raised by six traveling nuns in Guam, the Bahamas, Easter Island, and Reykjavik Iceland, Jonathan (founding member) is well traveled and cultured. Since the early 1800’s he has collected fine art, Kentucky Whiskey and fine velvet paintings of various animals playing D&D. Along the way he taught himself English by reading comic books, some of them written in English. He is most notably the editor of such amazing titles as, “Professor G & Blake: Issue 1”, “Professor G & Blake: Issue 2”, “Professor G & Blake: Issue 3”, and “Professor G & Blake: Issue 4”. 

Actually, Jonathan is a voracious consumer of the sequential visual art form. He has amassed a growing library of over 25,000 comic books and is cultivating a collection of artwork from across the country. He is a professor in the Natural Resources & Environment Science department at the University of Nevada Reno (UNR). He also is an active editor and collaborator on several comic books. He is currently writing and editing “Short Haul” and “The Shop” for an anthology titled, “Space Lasers” as well as editing “The Sister’s Wolf” comic book.

Technology/Publishing Facilitator: 

Donald Allen

AKA: Magic Don

From gaming to anime, comic books to Star Wars, there are no boundaries to Donald's passion for all things geek. His heart races with excitement when lightsabers clash and the Force stirs from its slumber. Inspired by his loyal crew—his wife and two children—he exemplifies the true essence of a family man. 

When he's not immersed in his geekdom, Donald selflessly gives back to his community. Volunteering is his superpower, and he utilizes it to positively impact the lives of others including the ICU. 

Whether he's transporting cargo on the open road or engaging in epic battles with Sith Lords in a virtual galaxy far, far away, Donald Allen is a versatile project manager who excels in various trades. With an unwavering dedication to creativity, he stands ready to embrace any creative project that comes his way.