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Sketchy Guy NV

Reno Area Cartoonist, Comic Book Creator and Dwayne Johnson Stunt Double.


You Can Draw Too!

I am an illustrator. There, I said it! 

For most of my life I have been drawing as a hobby and was always being asked why I was working wherever I was working at and not drawing full time. That is a difficult question to answer for me.  

I got my “Sketchy Guy” moniker from my daughter, who is quite an artist as well. I have drawn cartoons, caricatures, and illustrations. Been published in a few magazines (that patting sound is my hand on my back). I’ve drawn illustrations for local charities, businesses, schools and for individuals all over the globe. I also have published comic books with my friends and look forward to putting more comics out in the world!

I couldn’t do any of this without my family. My awesome, highly motivated wife and my three awesome children! Without them I would not be doing this still today! 

I am building my presence on-line all the time. My YouTube channel is expanding into the "You Can Draw Too! with..." Livestream Drawing Sessions. I have Instagram and twitter accounts and a new Patreon so you can support future endeavors and benefit with Patron-only events and give aways!

I believe everyone can and everyone would be right now if we hadn’t stopped many years ago.

Feel free to join me and my friends as we (hopefully) entertain and inspire you!

Remember, You Can Draw Too!


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