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Reno Area Cartoonist, Comic Book Creator 

and Dwayne Johnson Stunt Double.


My name is Cameron Ferguson. 

I got my “Sketchy Guy” moniker from my daughter, who is quite an artist as well. 

I am a cartoonist, illustrator, caricaturist, illustrator, and creator of the four part comic book series “Professor G & Blake”. I have been doing cartoons, illustrations and caricatures for 35 years. I published my first comic book, “Professor G & Blake: The Ring” in 2021. That comic was followed by three more , “PG&B:The Thing”, “PG&B:The King” and finally “PG&B:The Sting”. My new project is “The Sisters Wolf”.

I couldn’t do any of this without my family. 

My awesome, highly motivated wife and my three awesome children! 

Without them I would not be doing this still today! 

With your support I will be doing this until I can't hold a pencil! Check out my content and share!

Thank you in advance!











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